“Marine Environmental Awareness”
REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR THE BEGINNING OF THE COURSE -Copy Of sailor's passport or seaman's book (if any) -CopyOf qualification (if any) -CopyBy a certificate of training on safety issues (Conventional certificate) 1.
Specialized training for personnel on passenger ships ( including ro-ro passenger ships )
The course meets the requirements of Regulation V/2 of STCW'78, as amended and Section A-V/2 of the Code to STCW'78 for familiarization with the design and operational requirements for safety of passenger ships (including ro-ro passenger
Ship Security Officer
Курсът е задължителен за всички морски лица, които ще бъдат определени да изпълняват задълженията и отговорностите на офицера по сигурността на кораба и включва минималните задължителни изисквания за обучение и издаване на сертификат, как
"Rating forming part of an engineering watch"
SUBJECT The present course is designed to provide training for acquiring the competence of “Rating forming part of a watch in a manned engine-room or designated to perform duties in a periodically unmanned engine-room” for th